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It is a fast, reliable, flexible and fully manageable multi-tenant reservation service for transportation companies.

Why to choose Reserviris

You have a public transportation company and you would like to make possible your products to be reserved, thus you can increase your customer service level and your sales.

You have a domestic reservation system and you would like to open it for other companies, so you can get more passengers for your domestic products.

You would like to have a fully manageable and customizable reservation system which is accessible by the world.

You have an obsolete reservation system and you would like to enhance it to have more possibilities and you can decrease operation costs.

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RESERVIRIS supports many different services and reservation types.

  • Seats
  • Couchettes
  • Berths
  • Special (bicycles, wheelchairs, prams, etc.)
  • Different modes of transport
  • Smart reservation, adjacent and specific reservation
  • Supports graphical reservation
  • Supports 2-steps reservation for internet and mobile applications
  • Availability information for supporting offers
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Allocation strategies

RESERVIRIS provides many smart allocation strategies out of the box, but you can define your own allocation strategy as well.

  • Allocation by patterns
  • Allocation by percent of free places
  • Allocation for individual passengers
  • Allocation for small groups
  • Allocation for larger groups
  • Different allocation patterns depending on periods
  • Optimized usage of available places
  • Create your own logic for your goals in a simple way

Protocols and routing

RESERVIRIS is compatible with the most widespread protocols eg. UIC 918-1 XML, UIC 918-1 binary and NFx. Provides custom protocol for 2-steps reservation (preliminary reservation and waiting for a time limited confirmation, automatic cancellation after expiration).

It can connect to other railway reservation systems, handles different dialects and protocols and can translate between them. The requests can be routed by the standard and custom rules to optimize response times and network traffic. Current protocol of your terminals or system can be adopted to RESERVIRIS.


Pricing solutions

RESERVIRIS provides different pricing strategies out of the box. You can select distance based, contingent based, quota managed, based on advance booking time or fix pricing solutions. All of these can be combined and fully customized.

Do you have your own pricing service? You can have RESERVIRIS use that via API calls.

Manage and supervise

You can use many integrated coach layouts and you can create your own. You can manage all your products. Creating, locking, modifying: you are the supervisor of your data. RESERVIRIS can import many standard or widely used data formats for timetables, layouts, pricing data.

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Back office

RESERVIRIS produces accounting files according to UIC regulations and compares the incoming accounting files with the collected data.

You can get up-to-date information about the state of your products, statistical data and other information for your business decisions.

What we believe in

Optimal response time and user satisfaction are our faith.

RESERVIRIS is a very fast and reliable multi-tenant reservation service which can be used as a standalone reservation system. It has well defined interfaces so it can be also part of a complex distribution system.

Are you interested in a complex distribution system issuing NRT, IRT and reservation tickets?

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About Us

Data-Press Ltd was founded in 1987. At present we work with thirty colleagues; experienced and enthusiastic design and maintenance engineers, programmers and technicians. Our main profile is providing a complete ticketing and seat reservation solution to the Hungarian State Railways Company. We design, develop, produce, install and maintain all the components of the system: ticketing machines, computers, software.

Innovation Leader

Our main goal is always to improve the satisfaction of our customers and users. We develop for them not for us! Many of our innovations and ideas became expectations for the subsequent products and for other companies.

Best Solutions & Approaches

We are improving ourselves constantly to be able to choose the best tools and solutions enhancing the quality of our products.

Quality Service & Support

We established and apply a Quality Management System for "Development and manufacturing of traffic-related hardware and software; system integration; hardware and software maintenance". The requirements according to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 are fulfilled.

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Data-Press Ltd. is an innovative software and hardware developer company which has been delivering several solutions for hungarian railway companies over 30 years.

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